I can do 50 days

(I’m cheating. This isn’t a post for another day. I’m writing two (probably more) posts tonight and change the dates so it’ll seem like I’m more disciplined than I really am. Gah. I’m fooling even myself.)

So. I figure that since the blahness of my writing is directly related to the blahness of my energy levels, I’ve decided to adopt three workout regimens: Christian yoga, swimming, and Zumba.

I don’t take much to gyms, and have squandered many a peso on paid but unused memberships. I prefer workouts that don’t feel like exercise: trekking, badminton, dancing.

With pollution and heat levels increasing, I can’t do much trekking in the city. The badminton courts near us have closed since running has snatched the players away. That leaves me with dancing–Zumba, which looks like a lot of fun. I’ve been urging Hubby to take ballroom lessons with me, which he likes, in principle. So if the mountain won’t go to Muhammed…

I’m looking forward to trying out Christian yoga. But it’ll take some time before my DVDs arrive, so I’ll make do with the free 20-minute yoga downloads for beginners. I’m intrigued by finding my center, by breathing right, by opening my mind and heart. Surely the physiological is never far from the psychic? This body and soul is meant to be in union, in harmony, married to each other, even if temporarily. I want to explore how yoga–underpinned by Scriptures–sparks my life and revives my spirit. Hubby went out patrolling for this nice Adidas yoga mat, over which he got upset about because his Adidas discount card just expired, and he couldn’t use the 30% discount on a P2,200 mat (what?!?!). He is a dear, and will go out again looking for someone with a viable discount card.

Swimming, well, that I’m not too fond of, but Hubby just bought me a kickboard and some state-of-the-art Speedo goggles (yes, they are really neat) at my request, so the next few days are a go for swimming. I also need to work up good sea legs for my first dive safari to the Tubbataha Marine Sanctuary in April, where the currents can be fierce. This dive trip, I hope, will light a spark plug in me. Imagine: I am given free dives so I can write about it. Two loves in one.

There is a lot to look forward to, not least of all the energy and renewed creativity for my writing that I hope will result from sleeping early, getting fit, and keeping focus.

Today is Day 1. (Told you I’m fond of scaring numbers into me.) I’d like to do 50 days. I want to do 50 days. I can do 50 days.




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