28 days of self-care

It is overwhelming to consider how much of an overhaul I need, so I thought of breaking change into chewable, 15-minute bits. And because I like nice little numbers, let’s do what the wonderfully creative and helpful Stephanie Zamora (http://www.stepheniezamora.com ) suggests: 28 days of self-care.

Three things I’d love to do in the next 28 days:

  1. Morning pages or invisible writing–15 minutes of seat-of-my-pants writing that allows me to unfetter my thoughts and cast my cares to the page. Never mind the inevitable ranting–it’s the kind of garbage that I need to purge myself of each day. Great exercise to exorcise the imp of an editor off my shoulder.
  2. Do something creative–to make me more mindful, jumpstart the juices, be fully present and expressed.
  3. Write or ponder on a story–writing builds on the momentum. May the words beget more words.

Life in fifteen-minute chunks. How hard can that be? Hopefully not as much.


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