Something old, something bored

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Writing Exercise: Write about someone dull who becomes interesting.

Many Mornings Like This

Like many mornings like this, he rises at exactly 6. Too early, and he feels the cold in his bones. Too late, and he feels his weight gather in his ankles by midmorning. He rolls to his right, groans, and plants a palm on the bed to heave himself up, slowly. He pauses, waiting for the room to stop spinning. When the room rights itself, his feet finds his slippers and he shuffles to the bathroom. He coughs, three times, the harsh intake of air clearing his lungs of phlegm.

At fifteen past 6, hair dampened with water and neatly combed back, he takes his seat at the breakfast table. “Good morning,” he tells his wife, who snorts. She brings him his plate: two pieces of bread, lightly toasted and with the edges removed, a packet of jam left unopened, sunny-side eggs not touching each other. And he smiles his thanks, but more brightly so on this day he plans to kill his wife.

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