A father’s heart

Photo credit: NJCoth

My third post for my column Mothering Heights for OSM!

“My dive buddy, David, a photographer and an artist, was born a fish. Even when I had a few years’ head start on him, he still takes to diving better than I do. He is unfazed by the weight of the sea, unafraid to take risks even when his decisions violate PADI safety guidelines as well as all the laws of physics. I was his buddy when he first dived in Anilao, and he should’ve paid me for that service for he kept speeding after every fish he fancied, parting away from us, and I had to tear after him each time to lead him back to the group—not an easy feat for David had a UP swim team’s body, built for speed.

When we dived Kho Tao, Thailand, our entire team had to do an emergency ascent after a mere ten minutes: we had lost David underwater. He had seen something interesting and tore after it. His lust for life and all its beauty proved far too irresistible.”

Read the rest of the column post here.

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