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Had to stop and watch the fountains at Tektike after a meeting, soaking in the sights and sounds of water, to breathe and forgive myself for taking on another writing job that I don’t want to do. Hubby had warned me not to make money my reason for accepting a project, but with our home renovation costs, I am, alas, a beggar who cannot be a chooser.

I would ordinarily resort to junk food and cola, but the Food Diary would be offended. So I bought some Camembert, brie, multigrain crackers and black grapes–further sealing my fate as a debtor. My warrior self would say Bring it on, but tonight I think I’d just like to wallow. I deserve some big-time wallowing.


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I am Amazon

PayPal sure earned enough from me tonight. But, oh, am excited to try out the Christian yoga book and DVDs–five!!–that I bought from Amazon.

Lived my life in bits today: a bit of yoga, a bit of swimming, a bit of writing, a bit of reading, a bit of play, a bit of work. All adding up to a whole lot of tired.

Food Diary worked for Day 1. I even bumped off Coke and salt today. Nice.

Tomorrow is another day. Starting Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones. Sounds apt: my bones are a tad sore from today’s exertions.


Food and writing

I start my Food Diary today, praying it will make me more mindful not just of what I invest in my body, but also of how I value myself and God’s workmanship. May this exercise strengthen my ability to say NO to what harms me. I extend this discipline to my writing and pray for the Spirit to gently guide me in a journey that requires more mental and spiritual calisthenics than physical.