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Facebook Fridays

Alas, Facebook, you are too much fun. You are a time vampire. A sink hole.


So I have decided to limit you to Fridays. No worries, I’ll still post an update or two on other days of the week. But I’ll read up on my friends’ lives, laughs and laments only on Fridays.


As for TV? Well. Baby steps, baby steps.

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In December Hubby promised me an iPhone 4S. Today he brought home a Blackberry. Wrong fruit.

The BB gives me access to my e-mail anytime, anywhere. I wonder, would it make writing easier or harder?

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Had to stop and watch the fountains at Tektike after a meeting, soaking in the sights and sounds of water, to breathe and forgive myself for taking on another writing job that I don’t want to do. Hubby had warned me not to make money my reason for accepting a project, but with our home renovation costs, I am, alas, a beggar who cannot be a chooser.

I would ordinarily resort to junk food and cola, but the Food Diary would be offended. So I bought some Camembert, brie, multigrain crackers and black grapes–further sealing my fate as a debtor. My warrior self would say Bring it on, but tonight I think I’d just like to wallow. I deserve some big-time wallowing.


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Lost a week to the void, a.k.a. TV and other humdrum things. Drat.

X, who heads the writer’s group I belong to–or hang out with, for lack of a better description–commanded me last November to come up with a short story by March. He has deputized Hubby to pester me–a totally useless exercise since Hubby hates confrontation and mostly lets me do what I want. (Insert Wish no. 1 here: that Hubby’s support for my writing efforts include nagging, if needed, and for him to stop enabling me. There. It is nice to put the blame on someone else, yes?)

I haven’t been working, and wish I could attribute the vacay to writing. But no. Have been watching DVDs, playing with the iPad, reading, catching up on Facebook.

Time’s up.